Ski Race Knit Monarch-Alps&Meters

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During the early-to-mid 1900s, skiing leapt forward from a method of mountain travel with militaristic origins to a novel means of recreation, generating an aura of exclusivity, glamor and fashion that appealed to the royalty, nobility, and celebrities of the times. Participation from highly visibility individuals of significant wealth, fame, and political stature gave rise to skiing's association with modern celebrity culture.

The Ski Race Knit Monarch aims to revive this luxurious and complexion of classic skiwear which catered to alpine sport’s first female athletes and princesses alike. Woven from a blend of cashmere and merino yarns, the Ski Race Knit Monarch delivers a combination of warmth and sophistication. Emblazoned with a crest of Winter Royalty, Alps & Meters’ Ski Race Knit Monarch conveys a story of alpine sports’ first celebrity personalities, their passion for skiing, and their highly fashionable taste on and off the mountain.


Technically Knitted

70% super-fine merino 30% cashmere yarns blended for softness, form-fitting comfort and lasting durability

Alpine Tradition

Classic intarsia knit inspired by alpine sport heritage

Dry & Protected

Natural yarn body offers moisture wicking and temperature regulation

Fit for Warmth

High collar and fitted cuffs for additional comfort



Designed by Tradition

As skiing evolved into the mid 20th century, ski slopes double as highly photographed fashion runways in which images and reports of royalty and celebrity ski trips were circulated widely among the press and paparazzi from New York, Paris, and London. Determined to adhere to the fashion protocols of the day and unwilling to compromise on high-class style, traditional skiwear came into its own as a unique category of clothing that was as appropriate off-piste as it was on-piste.


Forged Performance

With a point of origin related to the proper and fashionable knitwear of skiing’s Winter Royalty of the early 20th century, the Women’s Ski Race Knit Monarch a classic piece of winter wear with form fitting characteristics and a beautifully crafted Forged Performance material complexion. Combining softly blend cashmere and merino yarns, total comfort, and traditional personality, this alpine sportswear garment commands a first class expression representing the pure romance of skiing’s fashion culture the past and present.




Slim Aarons

The famous photographer's aim to capture "attractive people in attractive places doing attractive things" naturally found its way to iconic locations such as Gstaad and Zermatt.


Refined Racing: Knitwear through the decades

These female pioneers shaped modern day skiing (and did it with style, precision and power), with knitwear playing an integral part in their athletic attire and après ski uniforms.