Satin Pearl Eye Shadow


An innovative eye shadow with a pearl finish, the unique way in which the powder is processed creates an ultra fluid texture that gives a luminous finish. Use wet or dry, Pearl Satin instantly releases a color that is homogenous and ultra bright.
The eye shadow’s special formula is technologically advanced and provides high performance coverage. Its ultra smooth texture is silky and soft to touch. Pearl satin adheres perfectly to the skin and maintains its pure and vibrant color. Moreover, the eye shadow is easy to blend and is homogeneous on the skin.

Available in 15 colors, with Pearl Satin you can create a professional eye shadow palette that is perfect for a natural look.

An extremely ultra fine powder-like texture


An immediate release of color that is thin, uniform and intense.

IT DOES NOT CONTAIN parabens or perfumes

Apply the powder with the applicator included creating the look that you want with the No. 12 professional brush for shading and precise techniques or with the No. 14 for softer shades.

1. For a luminous finish, utilize light colors on the entire eyelid.

2. To get a deep and intense look, apply darker shades on the outside of the eye.

3. Apply over the entire eyelid for a more seductive and intriguing look.

4. For an extreme and luminous effect, apply the powder with a damp brush.