Patrol Knit Plus-Alps&Meters

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A unique alpine sportswear garment born from tradition but reinterpreted with contemporary technical attributes, the Alps & Meters Patrol Knit Plus represents a Forged Performance expression of early ski patrol sweaters which possessed strong old- world and military influence in terms of their dense yarn gauge, their robust mountain utility, and versatility. Designed with a sturdy performance orientation focused upon factors of external protection, internal warmth, and freedom of movement, the Patrol Knit Plus provides optimal fit and full zip performance within winter environments.


Classic Protection

Heavy gauge, Becagli Italian blended wool knit body offers extreme warmth and wind resistance.

Ergonomic Design

Asymmetric zipper and engineering allows for optimal entry comfort

Traditional Alpine Fit

Reinforced British Millerain canvas shoulder panels for sturdy wear.

Traditional Alpine Fit

High collar insulates neck and protects face from the elements.

Maximum Utility

Water resistant front pouch pocket for easy access and dry storage plus 2 zip-secure hand warmer pockets.

Quality & Durability

Reinforced British Millerain Staywax Sahara 6 shoulder panels and elbows.


"The fabrics are all-natural and hard wearing, and the cut is Saville Row."Men's Journal





Designed by Tradition

Early mountain travelers, relying on long wooden skis for efficient winter mobility, found the combination of woolen fibers and the comfortable ergonomics of knitted yards to make for an ideal combination of external protection, internal warmth, and optimal range of motion. This same appreciation for knitwear’s unique qualities were eventually also embraced by the world’s first Ski Patrol founded at Mount Mansfield, Vermont in 1938.




British Millerain - 135 Years of Garment Tradition

When it came time to choose waxed canvas, the decision was clear: British Millerain, a historic UK mill that has been producing best in class fabrics for 135 years


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