Green Tea Grow & Stimulate Serum


With all of the benefits of the Green Tea mask, the serum has only carefully selected essential oils plus the power of Green Tea to TRANSFORM YOUR SCALP into a healthy, strong hair producing machine. Packed with the power of Green Tea (promote crazy hair growth; reduce hair loss); Rosemary (stimulates the root; increases circulation ); Baobab (Increases hair growth ) and Almond Oil (soothes & moisturizes scalp/strands); your scalp will be a platform to transform your hair from dull and lifeless to healthy and glorious.  

Common Uses:

  • Perfect as a pre-wash treatment
  • Optimal for pre; during or post protective styles such as braids, twists and extensions
  • Amazing as a weekly hair regenerative treatment
  • Will restore edges when used normally with results seen as early as 3-4 weeks.