Curl my Crown Citrus Flax Jelly


Yes, this is it.  A 100% natural, light hold gel made without alcohol and all that other stuff that harms your crown!  This new product was created with the health but daily needs of your beautiful crown in mind.

The main base of this groundbreaking product is whole flaxseeds.  (Yes, you read that right!) Flaxseed is good for your body..period and has many, many benefits for your hair. Some of them are:

  • Seeds are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids essential for healthy hair growth
  • Keen at nourishing the hair follicles and shaft, making them stronger and less prone to damage
  • Ensures new growth is strong and healthy

Can we just pause and say, "YESSSSSSS!!!!!!" 

This product is good for daily use to revive your curls; use with a braid or twist out or help your growth regimen.  This product has best results while using a Runway Hair Mask & Serum collection so that your results; moisture retention and growth are maximized!  

How to Use:

To use with braid or twist outs:  simply part your hair in sections. Apply the Jelly to a section that you're ready to braid or twist.  Apply sparingly and braid!  When ready to take down, untwist hair.  If your hair has been up for 2 or more days, add a small bit of jelly OR Mango or Green Tea Serum to revive and make POP!  

Everyday curl revival: Part into sections.  Apply small amounts to section and finger-comb your stands.  No water is needed unless it is a personal preference for you!  Your hands will love this us! 

Storing Your New Product & the Natural Nature of your Product

This product's base is flaxseeds that have been boiled with filtered water to product the jelly-like substance in the product.  This is where the citrus (essential oils) and slightly nutty smell is coming from.  There are only "natural preservatives" (quotes because really there is no such thing!) such as rosemary and grapeseed extract in your product to increase it's shelf-life.  Because of this, the product is made on-demand.  Meaning, when it's ordered, it's made and shipped within 1 day.  When stored in a cool place, the product will last for 3 weeks.  You can also choose to store in the refrigerator to increase product's life!  Don't worry, we have an "Use by" date on the bottle, so you don't need to keep up with that!