Alpine Sports Club Trouser-Alps&Meters


Amidst the transition of skiing from mode of travel to that of winter recreation, alpine sportsmen of the late 19th and early 20th centuries who formed the first gentlemen ski clubs began to adopt trousers of military origin to ensure maximum versatility for the valleys in which they lived and the mountains where they played. Soon a staple of those passionate groups such as the Dartmouth Outing Club and Appalachian Mountain Club of the 1920s, a tailored trouser became as much a sophisticated element of a smart well-to-do ensemble as it was equipment enabling comfort across multiple climates and seasons.

With consideration given to this long and storied history of the proper trouser in life and within alpine sport, Alps & Meters introduces the Alpine Sport Club Trouser. Designed with first class fabrications and fit, the Alpine Sports Club Trouser conveys the smart sophistication appreciated by skiings first pioneers who united their passion and values to create historic settings in which men gathered to ski, race, and regale the wonders of life in the mountains while sharing a sharing a timeless love of skiing’s past, present, and future.