Alpine Sports Club Blazer-Alps&Meters

$446.25 $595.00

While formal jackets have been a menswear mainstay for centuries, the sport coat possesses a more recent history born from aristocratic roots which sought to distinguish individuals as members of various elite institutions. Tailored for a crisp fit, with distinctive fabric and cosmetic expression, these jackets were devised to identify members of one group from another. The traditional outerwear complexion of these protective pieces offered comfort and cemented the garment’s popularity among the first alpine sport clubs on both sides of the Atlantic.

Crafted for wear inside and outside of the lodge, the Alps & Meters Alpine Blazer is designed for the gentleman skier and his companions as a symbol of skiing’s most storied traditions and original mountain sporting clubs. Cut with first-class care & sewn with high taste, this classic two button woolen jacket offers a combination of elegance and protection at moderate elevations and temperature. Ideal for travel to and through the mountains or settled by the fire during apres-ski, the Alpine Blazer is a smart and sophisticated compliment to the gentleman skier’s wardrobe providing ample opportunity for smart, polished wear throughout the Fall, Winter, and Spring.