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As a household name in China, she is referred to as the Oprah Winfrey of China and was listed by Forbes as 100 Most Powerful Women in the World. She is the co-founder and Chairperson of Sun Media Group and non-profit Sun Culture Foundation.

Ms. Yang created her signature show, Yang Lan One on One, which has become China’s longest-running in-depth talk show, with over 1,000 interviews with leaders from around the world. Her guests have included: Bill Clinton, Elon Musk, Henry Kissinger, Jack Welch, Jackie Chan, Kobe Bryant, Hugh Jackman, and Michael Phelps.

Women Empowerment

Yang Lan's philanthropic efforts are centered around women's empowerment and education and expanding cultural knowledge and acceptance. Ms. Yang's non-profit engagements include collaborating with Hauser Center for Nonprofit Organizations at Harvard University and co-organizing with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation the Giving Pledge event in Beijing. She is also a Global Ambassador and International Board Member for the Special Olympics Movement and the first Chinese UNICEF Ambassador, and the Vice-Chairman of China Charity Alliance.

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