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I was blown away by the quality of Diego dalla Palma makeup.  It's an iconic Italian brand that is a hidden secret among Miss USA beauty pageant contestants and professional makeup artists.  Diego dalla Palma makeup is only sold at select locations in the U.S., strengthening the brand's iconic status among their fans.  All of their mascaras are off the charts! I have tried every brand of mascara but nothing compares to Diego dalla Palma. Also, their foundation is flawless.

Charity Richins

I was introduced to this brand through Rita Sorrentino, one of Boston's most sought after makeup artists. After a year of using the brand and understanding their existing marketing strategy of only selling to professional artists, I saw an opportunity to bring a luxury makeup line to the US market. Their brow and lip products are some of the best I’ve ever used! They’re great- the packaging is beautiful and the product is very high quality! We wanted to bring it to consumers directly. As the only authorized retailer in the US, we are the only way to purchase it. I particularly love the Toyboy Mascara!

Kristen Standish