Meet Anastasia Lapointe

When I’m not taking photos of my daughter, blogging, lounging at the beach, or traveling, I work as a school psychologist. I love my career, but I also love that I have summers off to do all the things I love. Last summer my daughter and I lived in the South of France for 6 weeks and it was the best experience. By the end of our trip we felt like locals and didn’t want to leave. I hope to show my daughter more of the world and to travel with her to a new destination every year. 

How does being a mom inspire you?

Being a mom is truly the most rewarding and exhausting job at the same time. It feels like even when we have our “down time” our kids preoccupy all parts of our being. But at the same time, it’s the greatest feeling in the world, to know that there is this little person who loves you so much, and who relies on you for everything, and nothing beats those little arms around your neck at the end of the day. Being a mom inspires me to enjoy every moment with my daughter, because time is already flying by. 

Top 3 styling tips when it comes to children?

1. Clothing has to be comfortable for your child. Kids need to be kids, and be able to run, play, jump in what they’re wearing. If they are uncomfortable in what they’re wearing, they will be miserable, and in turn you will be too.

2. My big rule for dressing my 4 year old is to dress her like a child. One day she’ll be a teen and will get to choose what she wears, but being a little girl now, she wears a lot of dresses, bloomer sets, and sunsuits.

3. Choose only one pattern in an outfit. For example if my daughter has a pink seersucker dress on, then her bow will be solid, and so will her sandals. If she has a solid white sunsuit on, then maybe her jelly sandals will have a cute watermelon design on them, and the bow will be a solid color, but maybe in a fun bright color.