Our Story

A Note from CEO, Kristen Standish:

Pictured: Kristen Standish, Grapevine Shops CEO and Charity Richins, Grapevine Shops  COO


The foundation of Grapevine Village was built on the belief that we, as women, need to help and support each other. It is in our DNA and part of every decision we make, which has led me and my fearless co-founder, Charity Richins, to create our latest venture, Grapevine Shops. 
Grapevine Shops was created to support innovative, female owned or mission driven businesses. Traditionally we worked with Fortune 500 consumer brands, such as Coca-Cola and Budweiser, but we created this division to invest in smaller businesses. We have worked to create a trust economy promoting entrepreneurship, while leveraging our influencer community and our expertise on programmatic advertising to market and sell these brands on our Grapevine Shops site. We are putting our personal stamp on every brand we bring on to our Grapevine Shops storefront. We speak with each and every brand to customize the right approach and to determine if the brand aligns perfectly with our mission. If it's in our shops, our customers will know that we believe in the integrity of the brand and its founders. Our personal touch and involvement is major point of differentiation in the marketplace.
  Additionally, because Charity and I are both working mothers (we actually met because my daughter, and her son became best friends at school!) we know that is the one thing moms can't buy is more time. This is why we have tirelessly curated a selection of mission driven, female founded brands to deliver the best in their class products. We know convenience and the ethos of brands would speak to our market, and would allowing them to support smaller emerging brands that give back with purpose! 
I am extremely passionate about food and spirits so you will see some of the best chocolate, spices and whiskey, along with amazing Boston-area celebrity Chef food brands, and Charity has her eye more on amazing skin care, health & wellness, and fashion, so together we have created a cohesive and diverse group of brands to feature that will have something for everyone! 
Being a magazine publisher and in media for over 25 years in Boston, MA has afforded me the opportunity to get to know some of the best and most creative people in the city, and due to COVID-19, many of them are now entering into e-commerce space as a way to grow their brands, and I feel fortunate that we are in a position to help many of these companies scale and go to market quickly. 
Welcome to our Grapevine Shops!


 At Grapevine we value:
We support small business brands by connecting them with entrepreneurial creators to bring them to market through our Grapevine Village Community.  
We continuously  grow our trust economy of brands, influencers, consumers through collaboration, communication, and education.
Giving Back
We select small, innovative and mission driven, best–class brands and businesses to help build a better, more equitable future. 
If you are a brand that’s looking to join our community, reach out to Kristen Standish or Charity Richins