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Yang Lan Fashion

Grapevine has partnered with Yang Lan to create and launch her premium cashmere line, Yang Lan Fashion in the US. Yang Lan is a leading talk show host and media entrepreneur. As a household name in China, she is referred to as the Oprah Winfrey of China and was listed by Forbes as 100 Most Powerful Women in the World.  Ms. Yang created her signature show, Yang Lan One on One, which has become China’s longest-running in-depth talk show, with over 1,000 interviews with leaders from around the world. Her philanthropic efforts are centered around women's empowerment, education, and expanding cultural knowledge and acceptance.

Quality cashmere apparel is made from Grade A cashmere and long fibers that are obtained through combing. These long thin fibers produce light, soft, warm garments that retain their shape and have minimal pilling - even through constant wear. While there are many economical options, some may be produced from inferior cashmere fibers that lack the qualities that have given cashmere their enduring and luxurious attributes.

Men's Cashmere Hoodie-Yang Lan Fashion
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