Yang Lan Fashion

Yang Lan Fashion

Grapevine has partnered with Yang Lan to create and launch her premium cashmere line, Yang Lan Fashion in the US. Yang Lan is a leading talk show host and media entrepreneur. As a household name in China, she is referred to as the Oprah Winfrey of China and was listed by Forbes as 100 Most Powerful Women in the World. Her philanthropic efforts are centered around women's empowerment, education, and expanding cultural knowledge and acceptance.

Yang Lan Fashion’s Story

During a visit to an art gala in London, Lan complimented a woman who was wearing an antique brooch on her coat. She responded, “You don’t recognize that it is actually from your own country?” It was made of a piece of 19-century Chinese jewelry from gold filigree and blue feather. Lan couldn’t take her eyes off of the brooch and described the experience as a chance encounter of a long-lost friend. Years later, when Yang Lan represented women from a more open China, she could scarcely find any jewelry that integrated the Asian cultural heritage with modern artistic style. Unfortunately, there was a discontinuity in Asian jewelry culture during the tumultuous years. Inspired by these events, in 2008, in Beijing China, LAN Art Jewelry was created committing to bringing world-class quality and traditional Asian charm. Her now twenty-series line with themes from Chinese tradition has won national awards in jewelry design.