Runway Hair

Experience Growth. Experience Runway Hair. 

Runway Hair opened their virtual doors in January 2020. Before founding Runway Hair and becoming the CEO, Shameka’s career had been one of literal blood, sweat and tears as a Director of Operations in large retail and beauty distribution centers, when life happened and she found herself at a crossroad. She felt a tug to do more on her own but with 5 children and being a military wife, fear held her back. God said to trust Him and for once in her life...she did and still is. This concept is one that puts every Black and Brown girl at the forefront yet allows them to influence their friends of other cultures to use the products too. They are the TRENDSETTERS

This concept is one that creates a table of opportunity for them to be the table versus working tirelessly just to get an invitation. They are the BOSSES. This concept is one that takes ingredients from the Earth to create a mixture that truly works for every kinky, coily, wavy, distressed crown that needs love and is begging to be worn! They are BEAUTY.