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Mings Bings


Ming Tsai is a chef, restauranteur, cookbook author, James Beard award winner, Emmy Award winner, and host of the longest-running cooking show on PBS, now in its 17th season. As a culinary and cultural pioneer of East meets West cuisine, he’s led the way for a creative, thoughtful, and delicious blending of flavors, temperatures, and textures while trailblazing a path for a generation of chefs.

In 2017, Ming received the world-shaking news that his wife Polly had been diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer. While they explored medical treatment options at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Polly also made the life-changing decision to transition to a strict vegan diet with the hope of lowering inflammation by using food as medicine.

Using his chef background, Ming knew that he could create delicious vegan options for his wife. However, when he went to the grocery store in search of quick meal options or savory meal replacements, he was disappointed by the variety and quality of the options on the market.

It was in that moment he recognized a new mission. As he developed meal options to help his wife heal, he would also help people in search of a plant-based diet find healthy alternatives that not only nurtured the body, but delighted the taste buds. His first product would be a healthy and delicious veggie patty that could be prepared quickly and be eaten on the go. And with that MingsBings was born.

MingsBings Veggie-Filled Bing
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