Losing weight is a hard, frustrating and usually a short-lived experience. Keeping it off can be even more difficult. Overweight individuals who want to lose excess weight want effective, reliable, medically sound and clinically proven products with a supportive program that will help deliver a safe and sustainable healthy weight. Attenuate was developed by a team of board-certified physicians who have devoted their careers to the public health and obesity medicine treating the serious health issues caused by being overweight. The founders of Attenuate spent the past decade optimizing the list of key ingredients to create a product to achieve successful weight loss and long-term weight management. The goal was to create a supplemented, satisfying and refreshing beverage that helps curb appetite, enhance metabolic fat burning, and promote weight loss.
The inspiration for this successful weight loss agent came from Peter Vash, M.D., M.P.H., a 30-year board certified internist, endocrinologist, obesity medicine and weight loss expert who wanted to develop a new tool to combat the ever-growing overweight epidemic and help patients lose and maintain a healthy weight.
Patients eager to achieve a healthy weight want and need safe, medically sound, and scientifically proven products that will reduce their appetite, promote fat burning, control cravings, and help them lose weight and keep it off. And after extensive testing and research, the Attenuate team has created a series of products that, when taken as directed, do just that.

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